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Enter the Bold New Dimension of Exit Devices

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The Ervos X61 series exit device is entirely new from design concept through its low profile active case and ADA friendly push-pull mechanism to its demountable easy grasp touchbar assembly and functional modern styling.

X61S Beveled Edge X61S Beveled Edge

Highlights include:

  • Fits in a standard 161 cutout -- no door machining necessary. Very simple, quick installation by one person.
  • Simple one motion pull from the outside of the door with no wrist twisting, making the X61 series very ADA friendly.
  • Under 5 lbs. to push touch bar or pull handle.
  • Smooth, easy latch retraction.
  • Very low profile active case...1 1/4" (32 mm) from door surface. The front edge of the active case cover is beveled to deflect carts and other dangerous items.
  • Demountable touch bar assembly (TBA) for easy installation. The TBA attaches quickly to the active case chassis after the trim and active case chassis have been installed, making is easier for a single person to install.
  • "Draw bar" in the end cap assembly provides extra tension support for the entire TBA.
  • The end cap assembly is extremely robust with a beveled end and double post studs plus screws to secure the heavy formed end cap to the end cap substructure.
  • And, the X61 Series Single Door Exit Device comes in a variety of architectural finishes and automotive grade paint colors with stand-alone pricing.




The X61 meets all ADA requirements and is free of twisting or torque problems of a lever handle.

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