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Enter the Bold New Dimension of Exit Devices

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Patents Issued

The X61 Exit Device Series - Totally New Technology That Installs Like a Lockset.
ADA Friendly, Simply pull the handle to retract latch bolt. No wrist twisting necessary.
Ervos X61 Exit Devices

The first substantive change in exit device technology in more than 30 years is here...the ERVOS X61 exit device.

  • The X61 installs simply in a standard 161 cut-out with a standard strike. No special preparation is needed. Just take the device off the shelf and ship it along with associated hardware to the jobsite.
  • Designed with architects' insights, the X61 has a clean, Euro-styled design. The low-profile active case extends just 1-1/4" from the door's surface. The latch bolt on the single door device is concealed.
  • Similar to a fixed door pull, the X61 features an operable pull that retracts the latch bolt easily in one-motion. No wrist-twisting makes it very ADA friendly.
  • The vertical rod devices are semi-concealed, meaning that the surface rods are covered with double beveled extrusions that present a flush appearance. More importantly, the low-profile covers protect the rods against carts and abusive treatment. There is no bottom latch case projecting into the door opening because the bottom bolt is concealed under the rod cover.
  • The touch bar assembly is off-set over 3/4" from the surface of the door, making it easy to grasp and depress the touch bar when exiting. Additionally, the off-set allows significant clearance for door moldings.

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